Isolation Systems

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Isolation Systems

Isolation SystemsThe CleanAir Solutions Sterility Test Isolator provides an airtight, one-pass turbulent flow filtered environment for sterility test assurance. Each component of this remarkable new system makes the laboratory isolator superior in construction, extremely efficient, and cost effective. Constructed completely of 316L passivated stainless steel, the CAS sterility testing isolator provides a leak-tight environment. Our highly-trained, technical cleanroom specialists put each isolation system through numerous integrity tests to ensure it is completely sealed. The walls of the laboratory isolator are available in Plexiglas, Lexan or Safety Glass.

Potent Compound Isolater

Potent Compound IsolatorThe CAS Potent Compound Isolation Glove Box with D.S.T.I. alpha/Beta Door allows for maximum radius corners for cleanability and assurance of total sterility. The unique method in which the corners are formed keeps them smooth and ridge free. All laboratory isolation systems are completely constructed of 316L or 304 stainless steel polished to a #4 satin finish. All welds are ground smooth, cleaned, and blended.

The Open Sash Coved Isolator Glove Box

Open Sash IsolatorStainless Steel Coved Corner Isolation Glove Boxes feature all 304 or 316L type construction, with coved (rounded) corners. A Patented design assures a leak-free environment, one-piece construction, and smooth corners enabling more efficient and effective cleaning.

Class 1 Potent Compound Isolator

Class 1 Potent Compound Isolator

The CAS Pateneted Gel door and Panted Cove Corner Construciton allows connection of virtually anything to the isolator glove box. As pictured above, a vacuum oven has been connected. This unique system allows for the placement and replacement of equipment to the isolator frequently. Through a specially designed seal connection that is leak tight and passes pressure and leak testing.

All laboratory isolators are made to order, we even offer a portable glove box that runs on battery power. They are the most portable sterility test isolation systems available. Advanced in design and engineering to reduce operating cost.

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