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Cleanroom pass thru chambers are essential for transferring product to and from your cleanroom environment.

The interlocking door mechanism of a cleanroom pass thru chamber offers protection against possible airborne contamination and from loss of pressure inside the cleanroom environment. It also provides the most efficient way to transport material without having to expend time going through the gowning process.

Pass thru Cabinet - Standard Units

Pass thru Cabinet, Pass ThroughsThe standard pass thru cabinet units are designed as an inexpensive way to minimize contamination in controlled environments; CAS offers standard pass-thru featuring interlocking doors which help maintain the cleanroom seal. The units are available in a variety of construction materials such as plastic laminate, aluminum, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel and polypropylene.

Pass thru Cabinet - Custom Units

Pass thru cabinetWhen designing a cleanroom pass thru cabinet for custom requirements, you are not limited to a small group of sizes or options. Feel free to specify the exact size you need and any special requirements that you may have. This custom pass through cabinet unit features double doors on each side, and amber acrylic adjustable shelves.

Cart Pass Throughs

Specimen Pass Thru Cabinets

Cart pass throughs are a great solutions for moving large volumes of product in and outof the cleanroom while protecting cleanroom environment from outside contamination during the transfer process.

Specimen Pass Throughs

Specimen pass through cabinets are a great solutions for collecting lab samples while maintaining patient privacy.

Specimen Pass Through Cabinet Standard features:

  • • Airtight gasket seals
  • • Continuous hinges
  • • Freezer latches
  • • Mechanical interlock
  • • Trim Kit

Pass Through Cabinet Options:

  • • Automatic doors
  • • Electric interlocks
  • • Laminar flow filtration
  • • ESD construction
  • • Stainless steel finish
  • • Type 316L stainless steel welded construction

Pass Through Cabinet Finishes:

  • • Acrylic enamel coating
  • • Aluminum honeycomb panel construction
  • • Anodized aluminum finish
  • • Epoxy paint finish
  • • Kydex finish
  • • Plastic laminate finish
  • • Polyester powder coat
  • • Special colors
  • • Stainless steel Type 304 with brushed finish
  • • Stainless steel Type 316L with brushed finish

Please contact CleanAir Solutions to request a no-obligation quote on any of our pass thru cabinets and chambers for cleanrooms.