Cleanroom Lights

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Cleanroom Lights

LED cleanroom lighting fixtures are ideal for cleanrooms, pharmaceutical and biomedical labs, food processing centers, hospitals and high moisture areas. The totally sealed housing of the fixture maintains ceiling integrity and protects against infiltration of particles and airborne bacteria.

Cleanroom Light Fixtures

Cleanroom LightsThe sealed, lay-in cleanroom lighting fixture housing and door are designed to fit a standard 2’x 4’ ceiling grid opening. Housings are painted with a white powder coated finish. The sealed door and housing allow re-lamping without contamination of the clean areas. Two spring loaded latches on each side secure the lens frame in the closed position. The hinged lens frame is removable without the use of tools, is flush mounted with T-grid and seals to the housing. The lens is installed with a smooth surface on the outside for easy cleaning. Cleanroom light fixtures are available in 120V, 277V and 250V for export requirements.

Flow-Through Light Fixtures

The flow-through light troffer allows filtered air to flow through the fixture and into the cleanroom. This is designed for full-coverage filter applications where spaces for light fixtures are not available.

Teardrop Light Fixtures

Tear Drop Light FixtureThis is an alternative option to using Flow Through lights. Cleanroom teardrop light fixtures are designed to reduce turbulence in the cleanrooms that require a unidirectional air flow. The enclosed gasketed housing with 2” width allows easy mounting to tee-bar. The lens is sealed to prevent entrapment of biohazardous contaminants which could grow inside the fixture. Cleanroom teardrop lighting is less expensive per unit to purchase, however, the overall foot candles are reduced and the flexibility for adding hanging curtain systems or demountable wall system are diminished.

Selecting the proper lighting system for your cleanroom can affect the cleanliness level, cost of ownership and future flexibility of your clean space. To ensure the best results, please contact one of our specialists for a free consultation on your next cleanroom project.

LED Cleanroom Light Fixtures

LED Cleanroom LightsNow you can order any of our cleanroom light fixtures with LED instant-fit bulbs. This energy savings option will provide you with 1600 lumen and an average life span of 50,000 operating hours. Change out any of your existing lights without having to modify your ballast. LED Cleanroom Light Fixtures save money over time and operate with a higher output than standard cleanroom lighting.

Please contact CleanAir Solutions to request a no-obligation quote on any of our LED cleanroom light fixtures.