CleanAir Solutions, Inc. (CAS) is Northern California’s premiere cleanroom design, build, and cleanroom products company. We provide an impartial resource center for cleanroom products and related contamination control services. From HEPA filters, stainless steel furniture, and ESD curtain systems to state-of-the-art modular hardwall and softwall cleanrooms—CAS offers all the cleanroom products you need to maintain a sterile environment.

We are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions to increase yield and profitability through contamination control.

If you have a specific environmental or contamination control need, please contact us or complete our online request form.

Puzzled By Your Latest Drop In Yield? Let Our Cleanroom Specialists Design a Solution

Contamination control is a major concern for most advanced manufacturing technologies such as the Semiconductor and Disk Drive industry. But has now become even more critical for the aseptic processing and packaging needs of the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturing companies. 

We specialize in providing cleanroom solutions to meet the new Pharmaceutical Compounding USP-797 & USP-800 guidelines by offering the latest in manufacturing, and engineering technology. Compliance is guaranteed using our innovative modular hardwall and softwall cleanrooms and HEPA filtration systems. 

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