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There's No Such Thing as 'Too' Clean

Too many cleanroom manufacturing companies view contamination control as a janitorial function. There is little accountability and less return on investment. Our Cleanroom Validation Program (CVP) is designed to reduce critical product defects through the reduction of contamination sources. The result is an improved bottom line. At CleanAir Solutions we provide our customers with a clear picture of their facility’s performance capabilities. We establish control limits, develop monitoring programs, offer cleanroom micro-cleaning services and document the results.

Basic Components of the Cleanroom Validation Program:

  • Conduct Baseline Testing
  • Perform Superclean
  • Repeat Baseline Testing
  • Review Results
  • Establish Control Levels
  • Form Cleanroom Validation Program

The decisions that result in higher profitability are made from good information, and good information is provided from the results of a Cleanroom Validation Program.

Cleanroom Micro-Cleaning Services:

  • Pre-Certification Cleaning
  • One-time Project Clean
  • On-going Contract Clean
  • Post Cleanroom Construction Cleaning
  • Process Equipment Cleaning
  • Yield Enhancement Cleaning
  • VLF/HLF & Mini-Environment Cleanroom Cleaning