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Limit Your Liability

The design/build approach has become the desired method of delivery for most facility planners/owners interested in constructing a custom cleanroom environment. At CleanAir Solutions, we promote this approach because it limits our customer’s liability from potential errors in their own prewritten specification and places the responsibility back on “the specialists” to provide the best design solution. When presenting our proposal, we hope to convey the added value that our cleanroom design concept offers. Value is a relative term, what’s important to one client may not be important to another. That’s why our cleanroom consultants use a Needs Analysis Worksheet to accurately assess your requirements and insure that we do not inadvertently create guidelines that impact the overall goal of your project.

Specification Documents: To minimize change orders, it is a good idea to create a bid specification document. Our cleanroom design specialists will work with you to create a document that includes an overview of your facility and your specific project requirements. A detailed scope of work will be defined including all cleanroom facility integration needs such as mechanical, electrical, process piping, fire suppression/alarm systems and flooring.

Vendor Analysis Reports: Some of the major inconsistencies in pricing come from bidders not having an understanding of your company’s taxable status. This can greatly impact the price of your project as well as the exclusion of permits, structural calculations or other architectural fee’s required in every construction project. Not only do these items affect the price, but they also affect the schedule. Our cleanroom design specialists will create a Vendor Analysis Report to sort out these inconsistencies. For example, as you may be aware, the mechanical scope of work has the most impact on the budget of any cleanroom project. Understanding the differences between each mechanical contractor’s design concepts can significantly improve your ability to compare bidders “apples to apples”. We offer a quantifiable risk assessment of your bids, pointing out areas of concern (i.e., exclusions, lead times, experience, references, etc.) and rate each bid by its risk level.

Project/Construction Management: Once bids are accepted and evaluated, a qualified bidder will be chosen for your cleanroom project. It is our goal at this juncture, as cleanroom consultants and design specialists, to continue to support your interest throughout the project by offering our project management services. We will initiate design review meetings to clarify any unclear scope of work and review all material and equipment submittals to insure they meet the specified criteria. Our onsite project manager will witness all start up tests, maintain a punch list, and perform all site inspections. We will assist you in evaluating post bid change order submittals and whether or not you should accept, reject or modify your response. Most importantly, we will establish and maintain a project schedule to ensure a timely completion of work.

Our cleanroom consultants are committed to providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date information available in the industry. Contact CleanAir Solutions today and let our cleanroom design specialists help you in the pre-planning stages of your next cleanroom installation project!