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Clean Phone™ Cleanroom Telephones

  • Completely smooth polyester front panel will not trap particulate matterCleanroom Telephones
  • Auto-answer setting allows personnel to answer calls, in a normal speaking voice, without leaving stations
  • Volume and microphone sensitivity are easy to adjust with just a small standard screwdriver
  • Two autodial numbers can be programmed for one-touch dialing of often-called or emergency numbers
  • Oversized buttons are easy for gloved hands to use
  • "Flash" button allows phone to use all features of a PBX system
  • Phone can be programmed locally or remotely
  • Available in flush-mounted or wall-mounted design

The Clean Phone's hands-free answering is ideal for cleanroom environments, and its surface is designed so that it will not trap or shed particulates when you initiate outgoing calls. The Clean Phone is available as either a wall-mounted telephone, or in a flush-mount style (each comes with mounting bracket). Accessories available are a Maintenance Cover and a Plug-In Transformer.

In addition to our standard unit, we offer three additional cleanroom telephone models to meet the various challenges of cleanroom communication.

VoIP Cleanroom Phone

VoIP Cleanroom PhonesThis cleanroom telephone offers hands-free communications over an existing VoIP network for sterile environments. These phones are intended for connection via RJ45 to a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet and operate using either PoE or an external DC power source. Features alarm reporting that enables system supervisors to monitor the phone’s activity and address maintenance issues immediately. This cleanroom communication system is compatible with our TMA software for maintenance monitoring from a central location. Embedded web pages permit access to each cleanroom telephone, via a browser such as Internet Explorer, to view, monitor, and change settings within the unit.

Water Resistant Cleanroom Phone

Water Resistant Cleanroom TelephonesThe Hygeia 4 is a fully electronic cleanroom telephone that provides a flush surface using a flat membrane operating panel. This membrane is impermeable multilayer chemically inert polyester enabling it to be water resistant up to IP65 (dependent upon installation). This model is also chemical resistant to: Alcohols, dilute acids, dilute alkalis, esters, hydrocarbons, ketones, and other cleaning agents.

High Noise Cleanroom Phone

Cleanroom facilities commonly have high ambient noise levels. One way to overcome these high noise levels is to use Model GTA07034 Clean Room Telephone. This cleanroom telephone offers one auto-dial push button to store a frequently dialed telephone number, and one press-to-talk / release-to-listen (PTT / RTL) push button. A FLASH push button is also available in order to use the functions of a PBX system. The Model GTA07034 cleanroom telephone also offers auto-answer feature and local or remote programming.

For more information on our various cleanroom communication systems, please contact CleanAir Solutions.