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Cleanroom Accessories

Cleanroom AccessoriesHigh quality cleanroom accessories and supplies are a necessity in a critical environment. The wrong chair, tacky mat or cleaning spray can turn a well designed cleanroom into a particle generating machine.

Placing everyday accessory items inside your cleanroom can greatly affect the performance of the room. One great analogy compares placing non-cleanroom compatible products inside your cleanroom to putting leaded gasoline into an unleaded tank. Although it would save you money at the pump, the damage to your car would offset any short term gains. That’s why preventing contamination upfront is so important.

At CAS, we offer a variety of superior products addressing the everyday needs of your cleanroom environment.


Beardcovers, bouffant caps, face masks, veils, glasses, goggles, hoods, aprons, coveralls, frocks, labcoats, gloves, finger cots, boot covers and shoe covers.

Cleaning Equipment

Wipes, sterile specialty chemicals, hand cleaners, alcohol and DI water mixes.

Shoe Cleaners

House exhaust systems and stand-alone recirculating HEPA filtered units.

Cleanline Sticky Mats

Disposable and washable mats.

Dycem Floor Mats

Cleanzone, Workzone and Protectamats; cleanable floor coverings for your most critical applications.

Please contact one of our specialists at CAS to request a no-obligation quote on any of our various high quality accessory items.