Recent Completed Cleanroom Design and Installations from Clean Air Solutions

Oviso Integrated | Class 1000 Modular Hardwall Cleanroom

Jun 12, 2018Kathie Kalafatis

Company:  Oviso Integrated Manufacturing, Inc.
Address:  4041 Pike Lane, Concord, CA  94518
Contact:  Jerry Duda   
Class:  Class 100 Read More

Michael's Pharmacy | USP-800 Cleanroom

Dec 01, 2017Kathie Kalafatis

Company:  Michael's Pharmacy
Address:  Sherman Oaks, CA
Contact:  Reuben Kohanteb
Class:  USP-800 Cleanroom Read More

Valley Drug | USP-800 Cleanroom

Nov 01, 2017Kathie Kalafatis

Company:  Valley Drug
Address:  Encino, CA
Contact:  Ralf Figueroa
Class:  USP-800 Cleanroom Read More

Molecular Matrix | ISO Class 7 Cleanroom

Sep 01, 2017Kathie Kalafatis

Company:  Molecular Matrix
Address:  Sacramento, CA
Contact:  Charles Lee
Class:  ISO Class 7 Cleanroom Read More

Compounding Pharmacy of Beverly Hills | USP-800 Cleanroom

Jun 01, 2017Kathie Kalafatis

Company:  Compounding Pharmacy of Beverly Hills
Address:  Beverly Hills, CA
Contact:  Sam Sheldon
Class:  USP-800 Cleanroom 

Compounding Pharmacy USP-800 CleanroomDescription:  
- Design, engineer and fabricate USP-800
- Modular cleanroom system 
- Includes all facility integration work
- Includes all lab furnishings
- Completed in June 2017

 Read More

SLAC | Class 1 Transport Cart

May 01, 2017Kathie Kalafatis

Company:  SLAC
Address:  2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park CA  94025
Contact:  Rob Coy
Class:  Class 1 transport cart

Transport CartDescription:  
- Design, engineer and fabricate a Class 1
- Transport Cart
- Completed in May 2017 Read More

Exthera Medical | Class 10,000 Cleanroom

Jul 01, 2016Kathie Kalafatis

Company:  Exthera Medical
Address:  757 Arnold Drive, Martinez, CA  94553
Contact:  Polly Ascano
Class:  Class 10,000 Cleanroom

- Provide and install stand-alone modular cleanroom with exterior ante room
- Included designs, seismic calculations, and engineering for mechanical
- Completed in July 2016

 Read More

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals | USP-797 and USP-800 Cleanroom Suites

Jan 01, 2016Kathie Kalafatis

Company:  Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals
Address:  1990 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA  90025 
Contact:  Navid Vahedi
Class:  Class 100, Class 1,000, Class 10,000 / USP 800

USP-797, USP-800 Cleanroom SuitesDescription:  
- Provide and install multi-room cleanroom suites designed for meeting both USP-797 and USP-800 requirements.
- Included designs, seismic calculations, and engineering for mechanical.
- Completed in January 2016 Read More

Aixtron - Genus | Class 10 Modular Cleanroom

Apr 01, 2015Kathie Kalafatis

Company:  Aixtron - Genus, Inc.
Address:  1139 Karlstad Drive
Contact:  Robert MacIntyre
Class:  10 Modular Cleanroom

Class 10 Modular CleanroomDescription:  
- Class 1,000 manufacturing area
- Class 10 Final Test area  
- Include designs, seismic calculations, engineering,
 and all related facility integration.
- Completed in April 2015 Read More

Naval Research Laboratory | 1,000 Horizontal Flow Cleanroom

Aug 01, 2013Kathie Kalafatis

Company:  Naval Research Laboratory
Address:  4555 Overlook Ave. SW, Washington, DC
Contact:  Scott Clough
Class:  1,000 Horizontal Flow Cleanroom

Horizontal Flow CleanroomDescription:  
- Class 1,000 horizontal flow cleanroom at 20' AFF
- Class 1,000 vertical flow cleanroom at 26' AFF  
- Include designs, seismic calculations, engineering,
 and all related facility integration.
- Completed in August 2013 Read More


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