Cleanroom Vacuums

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Cleanroom Vacuums

HEPA Cleanroom Vacuum Model# NF-GM80CR

Cleanroom VacuumsThe portable NF-GM80CR is specifically designed and packaged for use in cleanrooms. Through its unique four-stage filtration system, the NF-GM 80CR safely collects and retains fine dust and powders. It comes equipped with an ULPA exhaust filter and is able to meet cleanroom standards up to and including Class 10 (ISO 4). The NF-GM80CR’s motor is interference suppressed so it will not affect electronic equipment in the cleanrooms.

Included Accessories

Detachable Trolley, 10' 32MM Conductive Plastic Hose, 2 Straight Stainless Steel Wands, Floor Nozzle, Conductive Dust Brush, Conductive Crevice Nozzle, Utility Nozzle, Tool Caddie, 30' Power Cord and a Package of 5 Paper Bags

Safe-Pak Cleanroom Vacuum Model# NF-IVT 1000CR

Safe-Pak Cleanroom VacuumIVT 1000CR Cleanroom Vacuum – Featuring Optional Safe-Pak Container. Our new line of cleanroom vacuums features everything our customers asked for in a cleanroom vacuum…and more. From the multistage filtration system to the standard stainless steel design to the quiet 61 dB(A) noise level, the next level of cleanroom vacuum is here. And it's backed by years of experience in supplying cleanroom vacuums. Most exciting of all, the IVT 1000CR Vacuum is available with the Safe-Pak Container for safe collection, containment and disposal of potent compounds.

Included Accessories

Includes: AISI 316 SS construction, Autoclave-safe trolley & container and ULPA Exhaust filter (retains 99.999% @ 0.12 microns) and HEPA-filtered disposable Safe-Pak Collection Container

NF-GM-80i Cleanroom Vacuum

Cleanroom VacuumsLightweight and portable, the GM 80i is a versatile machine providing the durability and performance required by dust control professionals. Featuring a 3 1/4-gallon tank capacity, these machines can be used in both portable and stationary applications. The GM 80i is mounted on a heavy-duty trolley for added mobility. It features a multi-stage filtration system with a paper dust bag, main filter, microfilter and optional HEPA exhaust filter. This machine has become a vacuum cleaner icon in a variety of industries.

Included Accessories

Heavy-duty Fixed Trolley, 30' Power Cord, 6'6 32mm Tapered Neoprene Hose w/Curved Steel Tube, 2 Straight Steel Wands and a Package of 5 Paper Bags

NF-GM-810 Cleanroom Vacuum

NF-GM-810 Cleanroom VacuumThe NF-GM 811 is a variation of the GM 80 – the vacuum cleaner that has become a vacuum icon in a variety of industries. Similar to the GM 80, both the the GM 811 has an increased collection capacity of 4 gallons. The durable aluminum container of the GM 811 is mounted on a heavy-duty trolley for easy maneuverability.

Standard Accessories

  • ULP Filter
  • Micro-filter
  • Detachable trolley
  • 10’ conductive plastic hose
  • Tool caddie
  • Curved stainless steel tube
  • Two straight SS steel wands
  • Paper bags
  • 30’ cord
  • Conductive 3” round brush
  • Conductive crevice nozzle
  • 5” utility tool
  • 12” floor nozzle