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Air Showers for Cleanrooms

Cleanroom Air ShowersAir Showers have become an integral component of the modern cleanroom because their benefits more than pay for the small amount of space they occupy. With their interlocking doors and automatic cycling, air showers act as traffic guards, controlling passage into and out of the cleanroom.

The following is a list of air showers offered by CleanAir Solutions:

  • E-Series Economy Airshower
  • S-Series Standard Airshower
  • V-Series VLF Airshower (provide vertical flow at 100FPM)
  • L-Series Low-Height Air Shower
  • Sample Configurations
  • Specifications

Air Showers clean micro particles off personnel and equipment as they enter or exit a cleanroom. Upon exit, cleanrooms are envelope sealed when the unit automatically switches into an airlock. They can also be used to remove hazardous contaminate from personnel when exiting facilities

Not to be ignored is the psychological impact an air shower creates: Personnel are reminded with every passage that they are entering a controlled environment, while prospective clients are assured of your quality control standards when they enter your facility.

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S SERIES Personnel Entry Clean Air Shower

Air Showers for CleanroomsDesigned to remove surface contamination from personnel entering a cleanroom. Shower is automatically actuated upon entry-releasing a bath of clean air from the side walls and ceiling. After a timed duration, the shower shuts off and allows exit. The HEPA filtered air is 99.99% efficient on .3 microns, and is recirculated for containment. Available in two configurations: Model S (straight-thru, illustrated), and model L (providing right angle passage). Parts Pass Hhru Air Showers also available

Air Shower Specifications

Filter: Twelve inch HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) type, PSL challenged, zero probed. Minimum efficiency of 99.99% at .3 microns.

Pre-filter: One inch bonded polyfiber media minimizes surface-loading. Low wall return to HEPA filter atop unit. Quick release grille.

Airflow: Air velocity at nozzle is minimum 6000fpm.

ConstructionAir Shower Construction

Standard construction is Woodboard with plastic laminate exterior. Epoxy Painted Steel, 304 or 316L Stainless Steel units are also available.

  • Motor/blower compartment has hinged access panels.
  • Return air plenums are painted.
  • Door interlocks operate on magnetic system.
  • HEPA filter mounted on exit side of shower in top section.
  • 360 degree adjustable air nozzles.
  • Anodized aluminum doors with clear acrylic windows.
  • 0-999 second adjustable operation pre-set to 30 seconds.

    Electrical & Power Requirements

  • All electrical components UL Approved. 230V or 460V, 3 Ph.
  • Junction box on top for customer power supply.
  • Control circuitry 12V DC & 24 V AC.

    Motor/Blower Assembly

  • High efficiency motors to reduce electrical load.
  • Motors thermally protected & self-lubricating.
  • Motors/Blowers are selected to maintain constant required airflow rate up to twice the initial static pressure.
  • Filter/Blower housing has simple plug-in connector.


  • Recessed 2 pin fluorescent lighting. 60 ft. candles.


  • Shower operation controlled by solid sate LCD timer, with tamper-proof closure to ensure selected setting is maintained.
  • Emergency "off" button with audible alarm installed inside shower. Built-in relays from motors, locks and timers. Sequential operation initiated by sensor & door magnetic switch.

Please contact one of our specialists at CAS to request a no-obligation quote on any of our air showers.