Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms

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Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms

Modular Hardwall Cleanroom Design and Installation

CleanAir Solutions, Inc. specializes in selecting air filtration and clean room systems and supplies best suited for your cleanroom manufacturing application. However, an understanding of the basic types of cleanrooms will help you to recognize the optimum clean room design for your specific requirements. Cleanroom design is perhaps the most important factor in protecting your critical product from contamination. Choosing the right type of Modular Cleanroom or Modular Softwall Cleanroom is the first step in this process. Built to meet your specific cleanroom application needs, your clean room design options may include the following:

Hardwall Cleanrooms

Modular Hardwall Cleanroom Design and Equipment

Modular Hardwall cleanrooms featuring single pass or recirculating air flow designs offer versatile construction materials while affording convenient installation. For more information on our cleanrooms specifically designed to meet the requirements for Pharmaceutical Compounding Cleanroom (Pharmacy Cleanroom) applications, please click on the link below.

Our CAS USP-797 cleanrooms are guaranteed to meet USP-797 Compliance.

Our cleanroom design and supply experts are available to help you select the appropriate cleanliness levels, necessary air flow / hepa filter coverage and the finest quality cleanroom construction materials on the market to improve your yields while staying within your budget.

Cleanroom Wall Systems

Modular Hardwall Cleanroom Wall Systems

The cleanroom wall systems we provide are load bearing, non-progressive and are designed to offer maximum flexibility for future expansion and/or modification to your clean room. The clean room framing system utilizes extruded aluminum channel members with a clear anodized finish. The core of the wall clean room system can be made up of 1/4” to 2” cells of aluminum honeycomb wall panels or insulfoam EPS sandwiched between 1/8” thick Aluminum skins, Melamine or Vinyl hardboard. Double paned full panel width clean room windows are available using ¼” clear plexiglas or 3/16” tempered glass for better visibility.

Modular Cleanroom Walls

Modular Hardwall Cleanroom Doors

Cleanroom doors are manufactured from the same clean room wall panel material selected for the rest of the clean room. The perimeter of the clean room door is reinforced and faced with aluminum channel. Unless specified otherwise, cleanroom doors will have a paned viewing panel for safety, three-spring closer hinge and lever passage hardware. Cleanroom ceiling grids are supported by load barring walls using 2” gasketed rod hung t-bar assemblies.


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