HD Raised Cleanroom Floors

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Raised Floors

HD Raised Cleanroom FloorsDaw Technologies Matrix™ Raised Access Flooring System is designed to meet today’s strenuous and demanding work loads. All aluminum construction and self-locking collar features create a very stable and rigid support system. Pedestal bases can be mechanically or adhesively fastened to the floor structure.

Daw Technologies VariSpan™ Raised Flooring System allows for greater access to sub floor services through a less restrictive floor support system by using a system of 48” beams on center to support pedestals for the 24” x 24” floor panels. The VariSpan™ raised flooring system uses approximately 60% less pedestals than the standard 24” o.c. pedestal layout. Nominal Dimensions are 48” x 48” with a minimum height requirement of 24”.

Raised Cleanroom FlooringDaw Technologies VariSpan™ is designed to have the same length/deflection ratio as is required of the Matrix™ Floor Panels. The design sustains a uniform floor loading of 350 lbs./sq.ft., which equates to 1400 lbs. point load located at the mid span of each VariSpan™ beam. The beams are designed to be compatible with standard strut type components. The beams are designed to support underside loading of up to 250 lbs within the first 10” of these beams. Only minimal loading is allowed on the diagonal beam members due to its longer span.

Daw Technologies Matrix™ Pedestal System consists of four (4) types of base and tube combinations that have been specifically engineered to meet differing customer and seismic requirements

  • • Pedestal assemblies can be provided with a raw aluminum finish or can be painted with a special epoxy powder coating that has conductive properties.
  • • Seismic and Perimeter Bracing can be used when specified or required by code.
  • • Grounding Clip System is also available.

Seismic Design Software: Our engineering group has developed a powerful tool that greatly simplifies the UBC seismic design of cleanroom raised floor systems. Using a customized computer spreadsheet, a myriad of variables can be manipulated in seconds to produce case results that heretofore would require substantial time and expense to develop. The primary advantage created is the ability to select appropriate components very early in the design process. The end result can mean considerable cost savings and schedule preservation

Please contact one of our design specialists at CleanAir Solutions to request a no-obligation quote on any of our cleanroom raised flooring systems.