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EFEM Enclosure

OEM MiniEnvironments for Semiconductor Equipment

EFEM Enclosure Many of our clients come to us searching for a new Mini-Environment (ME) cleanroom design to satisfy current orders. CleanAir Solutions (CAS) is an experienced supplier of cleanroom environments that will get the job done right the first time. Our ability to quickly implement a new design and manufacture a solution in a timely manner is a key to our success in meeting the ever demanding needs of the Semiconductor industry. We were able to design an entire skin set, internal and external, a control system that dynamically maintains precise pressurization, and meet all automation integration requirements including ME Best Practices and BOLTS interface. Not to be overlooked, our capabilities include developing a chassis to accommodate robotics and harnessing; polished stainless steel inside and out, integral lighting and pre-assembled for shipment.

Tunnel Enclosure

Tunnel EnclosureThe transportation of wafers from one cleanroom environment to another can be quite a challenge. CleanAir Solutions offers a wafer transport tunnel that can bring your most critical products through unclassified (non-clean) space using an overhead transport line and elevator to bridge the space between the cleanrooms. We can design a system to ensure a clean mini-environment to protect bare wafers during the passage through dirty zones. We have the ability to manufacture and install a clean tunnel enclosure system that meets Class 10 Federal Standard 209E requirements and also provided structural support for the conveyor system and attached elevator. Modular sections are designed to facilitate easy assembly and balancing of airflow. External pressure displays can be incorporated to allow facility personnel to verify the air system's status.

The modular, tunnel environment can be reconfigured and implemented for a variety of automation configurations and facility layouts. Recent technology developments allow enhanced cleanliness standards to ISO class 2 and control of temperature, ionization and vibration.

MiniEnvironments for 450mm Applications

Ultra-Precise Environments for 450mm Prototypes

Mini Environments for 450mm ApplicationsWe have developed several MiniEnvironments for Tool Manufacturers who are developing applications suitable for 450mm Wafers, particularly within the metrology sector of the semiconductor market. A number of these cleanroom enclosure systems have been shipped to the final customer, both within the USA, and to international development consortia, and some have been held by customers to support their ‘in house’ engineering and development tool. These MiniEnvironments provide very precise control over cleanliness, temperature, and vibration and acoustic attenuation. CleanAir Solutions and its partners continue to bring the Isolation Base, and the X-Y Motion Stage, to our Facility allowing us to offer full integration of the cleanroom Mini-Environment, and provide testing services prior to shipping the compete assembly to our customers for further integration, characterization, and development, of their metrology technologies.

CMP Process Control

CMP Process ControlThe CMP Guard 2000 Mini-Environment improves throughput and yield by preventing contamination defects from both ambient and process sources and by reducing downtime required to clean dried and hardened slurry. iE’s patented hollow panel exhaust system uniformly controls the laminar air supply throughout the processing chamber. The automated exhaust system provides personnel protection from process chemicals and prevents cross contamination of other processing equipment. The result is a robust cleanroom enclosure system which supports manufacturing in a variety of different classes and conditions.

Semiconductor Retrofit Solutions

Cleanroom Mini EnviornmentsThe iE Air Valu-Guard Enclosure System is manufactured and engineered as a low cost contamination control solution for cleanroom retro-fit applications, equipment upgrades, and Ultra-Clean Input/Output stations. The Valu-Guard isolation system is ideal for enclosing product load/unload stations for any semiconductor and CD manufacturing equipment. Options include bag-in bag-out product transfer stations, glove port access, static charge control, wheels, and a wide range of finishing materials. The Mini-Environment is capable of operating at Class M1 in environments ranging from Class 100,000 to Class 1. Each system is ergonomically optimized and meets MIL-STD-1472D Human Engineering Guide to Equipment Design.


Mix-Flow Stocker Enclosure SystemThe Mix-Flow Cleanroom Enclosure System provides a class M1 and better environment to protect sensitive reticles and bare wafers in semiconductor manufacturing. Isolation performance is accomplished through a unique combination of patented laminar horizontal and vertical air flow and filtration. 100% ULPA filter coverage of the enclosure walls and ceiling provide turbulence free air control at minimal air velocity to product storage shelves. Each filter is individually adjustable with integrated dampers for precision air flow control throughout the environment. The system operates with either facility provided air or an independent blower and has been optimized for the smallest footprint at the lowest air supply pressure requirement. The Mix-Flow Stocker Cleanroom Enclosure System is ideal for use with bare wafers, reticles, and other sensitive devices requiring ultra-clean long and short term storage.

Wet Process Enclosures

Wet Process EnclosuresThe Chem-Guard 2000 reduces cost of ownership by 62% over standard systems by reducing the amount of scrubbed exhaust. The combination of a proprietary ULPA filtration system, unrivaled air flow management, and automated exhaust controls result in industry leading performance with less than 0.02 PWP and no addition of molecular contamination to the ambient environment. iE’s patented hollow panel exhaust system uniformly controls the laminar air supply throughout the processing chamber. The exhaust system provides personnel protection from process chemicals and prevents cross contamination of other processing equipment. The result is a robust cleanroom enclosure system which supports manufacturing in cleanroom conditions ranging from class 100,000 to class 1. The Chem-Guard 2000 also features an optional automated exhaust system to provide maximum exhaust control and personnel protection. The automated exhaust system eliminates the effects of fluctuations in house exhaust systems and cleanroom pressure.

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