Cleanroom Certification: What You Should Understand

Dec 01, 2016Kathie Kalafatis

A cleanroom is an extremely purified region in which temperature the air quality and humidity are kept under strict management. The atmosphere in the cleanroom is filtered to remove other contaminants and dust particles. Cleanrooms are primarily employed for production equipment which is sensitive to contaminants, including hard disk drives, silicon chips, microprocessors and integrated circuits. Cleanroom certification comprises examining the room for assorted parameters, including static electricity, airborne particles, relative humidity, temperature and differential pressure.

The assessment is performed to make sure that the room is made in conformity with standards that were stated. Read More

Modular Softwall Cleanrooms

Nov 15, 2016Kathie Kalafatis

Access to a cleanroom is essential for people working in many industries, from component manufacturing to forensics. A modular softwall cleanroom is an affordable yet effective alternative to hardwall or brick and mortar cleanrooms. Read More

Walkable Cleanroom Ceilings

Nov 10, 2016Kathie Kalafatis

 Read More

Benefits of a Modular Cleanroom

Nov 06, 2016Kathie Kalafatis

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Types of Cleanroom Furniture Explained

Oct 17, 2016Kathie Kalafatis

Space is often at a premium in cleanrooms. As a result, the purchasing and positioning of cleanroom furniture often needs to be planned out meticulously to protect the working environment and ensure accurate project outcomes. The last thing you want is for your furniture to interrupt workflows or risk the introduction of contaminants into your environment. Another important consideration is comfort, especially when you consider the long periods that professionals can spend confined in a cleanroom environment. Read More

What You Need to Know About Compounding Cleanrooms

Oct 13, 2016Kathie Kalafatis

In order for a pharmacy compounder to safely and properly mix prescriptions according to legal regulations, a compounding cleanroom is required. The cleanroom, also referred to as a secondary engineering control (SEC) room, is where you will use and house specific equipment such as a laminar air flow workstation (LAFW) and a compounding aseptic isolator (CAI). Read More

How to choose Cleanroom Walls

Jul 07, 2016Kathie Kalafatis

When creating a controlled cleanroom environment, it's important to consider every part of the construction carefully, including the walls, ceilings and floors. Cleanroom walls must be able to keep out contaminants, such as airborne particles, as well as allowing you to create an environment where the air flow, temperature and humidity are controlled. Read More

Cleanroom Ceilings

Jun 28, 2016Kathie Kalafatis

Your cleanroom is one of the most important parts of your laboratory. This sterile and safe environment protects your experiments from contamination. To obtain the level of control you need over your cleanroom environment, you need to take extreme care when selecting the materials that compose every aspect of the room, from the floor to the ceiling. Read More

Optimizing Your USP-797 Cleanroom for High Performance

Jun 10, 2016Kathie Kalafatis

In today's modern business infrastructure, efficiency and productivity are two major factors that contribute to a company's success. Mirroring the production process of many of the world's top tech companies, manufacturers have also adopted a leaner, more agile way of creating products efficiently. Read More

Laminar Flow Hoods

Jun 05, 2016Kathie Kalafatis

Laminar flow hoods are essential equipment when working with delicate or hazardous materials, such as biological cells or unstable chemicals. Choosing the right laminar flow hood allows scientific researchers to work safely and effectively in the laboratory. Educate yourself about the features of laminar flow hoods so you can choose the right equipment for your laboratory or clean room. Read More

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